About Norfolk Realty

Where can we take you?

To say it’s a seller’s market right now would be an understatement, housing inventory is low and demand is sky-high. Today more than ever you need an a licensed real estate professional to make sure you find the best value in today’s market.

Norfolk Realty’s singular focus for our home buyers is to work tirelessly on your search for a new home. We know what to look for in a home from kitchen to attic, we’re tuned-in to neighborhoods and we know where the prevailing winds are blowing in real estate. While the seller is upstairs with cookies in the oven, rest assured that we’re downstairs checking out the furnace. We know when to pursue and we know when to advise you to look elsewhere. More than anything, we take the time to listen to you, understand your dreams and we’ll work literally 24/7 until you cross the threshold.

Your new home might be out there right now, let’s go find it together and get you home.